#350 – Spotlight On: Star Trek – Nemesis

Welcome…to the final voyage of The Empire or Jedi Podcast. For the past seven years, I have had the pleasure of rambling with my fellow nerds and cohorts about the latest movies and entertainment news for all (twelve) of you out there who enjoy hearing our ridiculous rants online. It’s been one helluva ride; we’ve had laughs, revelations (shout out to my Half-brother!), and possibly more tangents than any other podcast in history. From all of us here on the show, I would like to thank each and every one of you for listening, commenting, and liking our nonsense for all of these years. It’s truly been a gift to do this show and I can’t imagine a better way to go into that good night than by finishing exactly where we started: A show called Empire or Jedi talking about a Star Trek movie.

You see…it’s like poetry. It rhymes…

I’m your Host and Captain, David Snider, and joining me as we go on one last adventure (at least until the eventual reboot…) is my first officer and android that’s been with me since the beginning, Chad Griner, and EoJ’s #1 Fan and now former Trek-newbie, Nick Goathoof.

Topics of discussion in this episode include wild speculation on what exactly goes on during a nude betazed wedding; we discuss the R-rated possibilities of a Tarantino written Star Trek film; and finally, Nick’s anger and hatred for the Federation reaches a tipping point as Nick and Chad resume their heated debate over the Federation’s controversial actions in Star Trek: Insurrection — Queue Kirk vs Gorn fight music.

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Warning: This podcast includes offensive language and may not be suitable for children. Listener discretion is advised.

You can purchase Star Trek: Nemesis through our Amazon side link.

The End of The Empire or Jedi Podcast.

But the crew of the EoJ will return…


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