#349 – Spotlight On: Star Trek – Insurrection

The official pod may have ended with The Last Jedi, but damnit – this podcast started with Star Trek (for some bizarre reason) and it’s going to end with Star Trek! Thankfully, for all you Trek-Cast fans, we’ve got two more episodes left in the torpedo bay, and they are locked and ready to load! (If only the movies in question were halfway as exciting as that sentiment…)

I’m your host and captain, David Snider, and joining me as we finally decide how many episodes it takes before it becomes wrong are fellow crewmembers Lt. Commander Chad Griner and Ensign Nick Goathoof.

Topics of discussion in this episode include more geriatric action as Ensign Goathoof’s crush develops firmer boobs; the Chad/Goathoof rivalry regarding the Federation v. Baku takes shape; and finally, I do my best to educate my crew on the horrors of shaving in the bathtub.

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Warning: This podcast includes offensive language and may not be suitable for children. Listener discretion is advised.

You can purchase Star Trek: Insurrection through our Amazon side link.

The Empire or Jedi Trek-Cast (and Podcast as a whole) will conclude with Star Trek: Nemesis.


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