The Monster Squadcast #023 – Unfriendead

Despite our reputation as the leading monster hunters in the country, there are a few areas that we avoid out of utter disgust and contempt – and there is perhaps no greater example of this than the “Social Media” horror genre. While everyone in the squad may in fact use these social media platforms, we abhor the idea that an entire movie can be framed around this subject. Perhaps it’s the curmudgeon in us, but “back in our day movies were movies and the facebooks were left to your computer screens!” (…or your David Fincher biopics). So when the idea of an entire movie that takes place through the point of view of someone’s Facebook/Skype account came about, we understandably ignored it as its very existence was insulting.

However, due to our own Cody Eastlick’s status as a VIP Movie Man (aka bonafide film critic), the subject of Social Media horror was forced upon him in the form of Friend Request. Not one to suffer alone, Cody dragged the rest of the squad into this movie hell with him, making us watch not only Friend Request, but the aforementioned movie-told-through-Facebook/Skype: Unfriended.

What followed was a Waldorf and Statler-esque viewing experience as we begrudgingly accepted this crap assignment…

Mission Report: Unfriended & Friend Request

  1. Fecal matter is not to be trifled with
  2. Never engage with scary looking Goth kids (lest you be cursed)
  3. If ever haunted by social media ghosts, be sure to befriend as much (fodder) people as you can

Until next time…we’ll be right baaaaaack!

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