#340 – Spotlight On: Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home

Here we go again… After 340 episodes we’re right back where it all started: talking about Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (on a podcast called Empire or Jedi no less). Only this time we’re not alone. Joining us on our journey as we slingshot around the sun to discuss this movie yet again is Ensign Nick Goathoof, a Trek newbie with absolutely no knowledge of Star Trek, outside of the rebooted Abrams universe. However, despite not knowing a tricorder from a Klingon aphrodisiac, Nick is aware of one Trek element that has permeated pop culture since 1986: Whales – more specifically, Humpback Whales. The only thing Nick was missing was context. Thankfully, I, Captain David Snider, and Lt. Commander Chad Griner are here to guide him through his journey through the final frontier and to make sure that he doesn’t leave his phaser and Federation I.D. behind in the past (Chekov – I’m looking at YOU!).

Topics of discussion in this episode include the various reasons why Kirk and his crew are the worst time travelers ever; we consider the alternative uses of the transporter; and finally, Nick draws the line at synthohol and leaves the Federation for the Klingon Empire for good.

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Warning: This podcast includes offensive language and may not be suitable for children. Listener discretion is advised.

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The Empire or Jedi Trek-Cast will return with Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.


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