The Monster Squadcast #022 – We Liked IT!

After floating around in the sewers of Tempe, AZ for the last few months, the Monster Squadcast has returned and is ready to tackle one of the most powerful and diabolical monsters in all of literature: Pennywise the Dancing Clown, aka It. This time, Pennywise is back in the form of a brand new motion picture, complements of Mama Director, Andres Muschietti. Does the new movie completely outdo the original 1990 TV miniseries, or is Tim Curry laughing in the storm drain at little Skarsgard’s portrayal of one of his most iconic roles?

Mission Report: It (2017)

  1. Clowns transcend mortal fear
  2. Stephen King may or may not have had a weird relationship with his parents
  3. AMC Theatres does NOT care about your movie-going experience

Until next time…we’ll be right baaaaaack!

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