The Monster Squadcast #021 – Chekov’s Flying V

With sentient dolls and spiders now out of the way, we arrive at what is perhaps the most frightening bugaboo of all: The Devil. So far the bugaboos we’ve dealt with have been relatively low level, not really affecting the squadcaster in question; but Madolyn, the subject of this episode’s therapy session, was fundamentally more terrified than either myself or Nick had been in ours, and even had a few stones unturned as a result…disturbing stones. Needless to say, Cody and I were surprised and even a little uneasy at these revelations. Can Madolyn, in addition to being a lizard creature (allegedly), also be in league with the Devil? And can all of this have been brought on by what is a solid, if not unremarkable, little horror film? Plug in your ear buds, sit back, and find out for yourself….

Mission Report: The Devil’s Candy

  1. Ethan Embree (aka: Jesus) is shredded
  2. Flying V guitars are effective devil repellant
  3. Heavy Metal music can bring any family together

And thus concludes the Month of Bugaboos (for Cody has declared he is afraid of nothing). We’ll be back next time as we take on more of what the darkness has to offer.

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