The Monster Squadcast #020 – Terror-antula

Arachnophobia is a very common bugaboo and one that I have suffered from all of my life. You would think that for The Monster Squadcast’s Month of Bugaboo’s that I would have chosen Arachnophobia as my bugaboo pick, as it is the only film to make me cover my eyes in terror (it still does, as a matter of fact). But Arachnophobia the film is as common a scary spider movie as Arachnophobia itself is a bugaboo, so it was with that in mind that I decided to go against the norm and instead choose a spider movie of yesteryear; specifically, 1955’s Tarantula, a B-Movie from the Atomic era that features science gone awry and a giant spider terrorizing the fictional land of Desert Rock, Arizona. While the film itself did not elicit much spine tingling within me (regardless of the film’s quality, a spider will always scare me to some degree) it did, however, have a very different reaction amongst my fellow squadcasters, one that I was not expecting and one that I will probably not hear the end of for some time – for that I apologize.

Mission Report: Tarantula

  1. Vimeo is NOT an ideal platform to watch out-of-print films
  2. This movie’s pacing may offend millennial sensibilities
  3. Viewing of supplemental spider videos online may be required in order to elicit actual terror

We’ll be back next time as we summon The Dark One for Madolyn’s bugaboo: The Devil’s Candy.

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