The Monster Squadcast #019 – Whoa oh aahhh! It’s Magic!!!

The month of April is here, and with it comes a series of bugaboos for our intrepid group of monster squadcasters, films that will test their resolve and reveal their most terrible fears.

First up: Nick Goathoof and his ironic fear of sentient toys (ironic, given his vast collection of action figures and collectibles) will be tested with the 1978 Richard Attenborough thriller, Magic.

You’ll find out whether or not Nick was able to get past his fear or if the unsettling idea of a dummy creepily staring off into the distance while you have sex was too much for him to bear.

Mission Report: Magic

  1. Be prepared to fake a psychological profile when offered a television pilot.
  2. Rocky Balboa’s trainer is very hard to kill.
  3. Never get on a boat alone with a drunk Ed Lauter.

Next Episode: We press on with Bugaboo month as my fear of spiders is personified with 1955’s monster classic Tarantula. We’ll be right baaaaaack!!

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You can also purchase Magic through our Amazon side link.


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