#330 – Empire or (The Last) Jedi

The wait is finally over; the Episode VIII theatrical trailer is finally here! And thank God it begins with Mark Hamill telling us to breathe; otherwise I think the collective fan community would have caused a great disturbance in the force with the sheer magnitude of their nerdgasm.

I’m your host, David Snider, and joining me again to add yet another trailer reaction to the vast ether are fellow nerds Cody Eastlick, Jonathan Hinckley, and Ryan Caldwell.

Topics of discussion in this episode include the implications of what it truly means to bring balance to the force; we share distaste at the moderator of choice at Star Wars Celebration; and finally, we tip our hat to the other nerdy franchise that has (briefly anyway) surpassed Star Wars’ opening weekend box office numbers.

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Warning: This podcast includes offensive language and may not be suitable for children. Listener discretion is advised.


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